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New Videos, New Tire Tryouts, New Bike Gimmicks, 

and New BICYCLE RIDE Routes!!!

As always, we try to keep all site content accurate, truthful, and up-to-date.  If any content is in dispute, please contact us we we will address any issues that maybe misleading or in-accurate.  A large majority of the text content is authored by me, Busted_Spoke. Open to suggestions, opinions, or inaccuracies. There are other authors of articles (properly noted) and I can not control their content, sorry.  This is supposed to be a solid resource for all your cycling and hiking needs, and the mission is to provide free and accurate information for all site users.   


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EPIC Adventure stories from Around the Country

All Day Adventure's Stories Page


Heading out for a biking or hiking vacation? 

Make the most of your trip. 

This is a great resource for finding your next 

All Day Adventure.

EPIC Adventure Stories


If you spend more than a week on a bicycle, 

you are on an Epic Adventure. 

Read some Epic Stories from other folks.

Whats on your calendar?

Bike Ride Library Links

Cyclo-Cross (CX) Rides


CX Fully Flat Fifty

CX Danvers Rail Trail

CX Boston - Salem 39 Miles

CX Boston - Salem 72 Miles

CX 101 / Greater Salem Adventure

CX 201 / North Shore Challenge 

CX Hill Climb Training + More

Mountain Bike Rides


Local Park Video's

Lynn Woods MTB

Willowdale - Georgetown 

Ipswich - Salem MTB Epic

Rockport - Salem MTB Epic

Road Bike Rides


Farms + Backroads Tour

Cape Ann Coastline

Marblehead + Nahant Islands

Plymouth - Boston Coastline

Newburyport Coastline

Fun Rides + Hiking

Salem Local FUN RIDES


Salem CX 20 Miles

Beach Safari Tour

Backroads - Farms Ride

Rockport - Salem Tour

Other Rides in NEW ENGLAND


Portland Maine

Franconia Notch

Burke VT Roading

Hiking in Eastern Mass


Boston Walk-about

Rockport Hiking

Blue Hills Hiking 

Lynn Woods Hiking

Where is the Ride?

RIDE BLOG / Group Ride Info


2019 Group Rides Page


Local to Salem Rides


Cyclo-Cross / Mountain Bikes / Road Bikes + Hiking Boots



The Advanced Level Cyclo-Cross specific rides listed have a great balance of Roads and Real Single-Tracks to challenge you and your bike.  We try to host one cyclo-cross ride each month. Join the Facebook Ride-List at the link below.

Mountain Biking


The Advanced Level Mountain Bike rides shown on the Ride Page often link together many parks for longer MTB adventures. These rides are Long-Distance and we ride at a group pace. The Mountain Bike rides we host are over 4 hours in duration, and some pass through 7 different parks.  Most of these rides will be for Advanced Level riders only. You and Your bike must be in its best shape as there are No Bail-outs on these rides.

Also see the Beginner and Intermediate MTB and Hybrid Bike rides for: Solo, Couples, and Group Fun Rides that are Posted.

Trains, Roads, and Boots


There are 5 Great Hiking Adventures on the North Shore, posted on the Ride Data-base Page. Check them out.

The MBTA Commuter Rail is used as a way to increase the ride experience, enabling Point-A-to-Point-B rides vs Return-to-Start rides. This allows routes that hit all the best places. 

Most of the Road Rides listed take advantage of the MTBA - Solo, Couples, or small groups. As often as possible, we will route you to that "great view" and  always try to keep you away from traffic and on quiet back-roads. MBTA carries bikes for free, but has travel black-out hours. Click Here: < MBTA Website>

About The Rides


Welcome to the Next Level of Cycling

All-Day-Adventures of Eastern Mass and the Greater Boston Area is a data base of Self-Guided Bicycle Rides (and Hikes) by downloading a route. This website has active links to the Ride page hosted by Ride With GPS.  There is no-fee from All-Day-Adventures and ADA is not a club, so there is no membership. We just share the same trails at the same time. 

These are your rides. You ride at your own pace, You take your own risks, and You get your own rewards.


Epic Ride Adventures

Rides listed will always have the level of difficulty, type of bicycle, and duration of the adventure clearly listed.  Please adhere to all warnings and instructions for ride preparation.      

Rides listed as Difficult (or Tarzan Rides) are to be taken seriously. Never-Ride-Alone, and always have your own bail-out plan. Group Rides will be posted from time to time, so you will need to get on the FaceBook Ride Page (See Link Below).


Always the Best-Rides on the Best-Trails

Over 15 Years and thousands of actual trail-miles have been invested to put these rides together. In all, there are over 25 Cycling and Hiking Adventures on the All-Day-Adventures ride page. These routes are carefully constructed and well-planned. Staying off the main roads when possible, finding the secret paths make the whole thing work for end-to-end rides that are true epic adventures. 

Join the Facebook Ride Information Page

Click the Facebook (F) Link below to join the Ride List..     


Click the Ride With GPS Link at the top of the page to see the Ride Data-Base