GROUP RIDES in 2019. See the RIDE-BLOG for Ride Info.

Paths/Roads/Dirt Boston to Salem 38 Mile Cyclo-Cross


This is ADA's #1 Cyclo-Cross Ride

Everyone that has been on this ride loves it. Average ride time last year was about 4 hours.

Hits 7 Parks: Charles River/Fresh Pond/Mystic Lakes / The Fells / Breakheart / Lynn Woods / Spring Pond.

We hold this Ride ONCE Each Month in 2019.

May/June/July/August/Sept 2018

Cyclo-Cross 101: North Shore Challenge


Cyclo-Cross 101: This route is a 45 Mile CX Route. Can also be done on a Mountain Bike

Look for this Ride (or 1/2 of this ride) in May/June/July/August/Sept 2019. This is a good ride to go on if you want to discover if Group Cyclo-Cross riding is the thing for you. Bail-out at Mile 17 for a 10 mile Rail-Trail return. Must have TRAIL RATED CX Tires, or you will need lots of tubes.

Cyclo-Cross 70+ Mile Tarzan Adventure Boston - Salem


 If you do this 70+ Mile Road/Dirt Ride, you can call yourself Tarzan because this ride will really test your Urban-Jungle endurance.  

10 Parks and 14 Cities, all back-roads/trails/and paths.Not the same as riding on the road for the same distance. This is 6000+ Calorie ride. 

Look for this in Group Ride in July 2019. Must have TRAIL RATED CX Tires with good Road Speed

11 Mile Explore Lynn Woods Advanced Level MTB Ride


This Reoccurring Ride is a good Training-Ride for any-other park you want to ride in. If you can ride Lynn Woods, you can ride anywhere. 

This ride will be held on Weekend Mornings periodically through the ride season.


This is an Advanced-Level Mountain Bike Ride on very rugged trails. Please read the warnings on the ride page link below.

Ipswich to Salem Mini Bad-Ass Mountain Bike Adventure


We will be holding this ride again in 2019. 

Please try to be ready for this 4+ Hour mountain bike ride.  This ride is a lot harder than it sounds, many do not make it to Greenwood Ave (85% through the end of the ride) and still have energy for the trails.

North Shore's Major BAD-ASS Mountain Bike Adventure


This ride will be held in 2019 

 Must be in good shape for this 6+ Hour mountain bike ride on rugged trails.

Except a few road links, this ride is almost entirely in the woods in some of the toughest parks in the area. You must Ride  Ipswich to Salem MTB First for an invite to this one.