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Cyclo-Cross Under 40 Miles

  • 20 Miles / CX 101 Greater Salem Adventure
  • 20 Miles / CX Boston - Salem ECG Trail
  • 25 Miles / CX Hill Climb Training Ride
  • 36 Miles / CX Salem to the Fells Fun Loop
  • 39 Miles / CX Danvers Rail Trail Adventure
  • 39 Miles / CX Boston - Salem Adventure Ride

Cyclo-Cross Over 40 Miles

  • 45 Miles / CX 201 North Shore Challenge 
  • 50 Miles / CX Fully Flat Fifty  Fun-Ride
  • 55 Miles / CX Boston Emerald Necklace
  • 72 Miles / CX Boston - Salem Tarzan Ride

Cyclo-Cross Videos

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CX + Gravel Bike Selection Videos

ADA / CX Boston-Salem First 15 Miles

ADA / CX Boston - Salem "The Fells"

ADA / Salem - Boston East Coast Greenway

CX Bike Skills Videos (Bike Skills Page)

CX Across Iceland Bike-Packing Ride

2020 Long Distance CX and MTB Training

See this link for the CX/MTB Long Distance Training Page

All the information you need for this years training schedule.


CX-101 Greater Salem Adventure 20 Miles / 2 Hours

Cyclo-Cross Training and a Great weekday ride for anyone in the Greater Salem Area

A 20 mile 2 hour Intermediate Level route.  This ride starts and ends in Downtown Salem.  Or you can start your ride anywhere along the route. Also a good ride for Mountain Bikes.

This is your opportunity to see what a CX bike can really do. This ride is a step above a gravel trail ride. This ride is designed to show how well a CX bike can handle real dirt singletracks. 

This ride is 50% in the dirt with a mix of 5 miles of Dirt Trails and 6 miles of Gravel Rail Trails, 9 miles of Roads. Also worked in a few hill climbs.  

Need Trail Rated CX Tires and good climbing gears. MTB's are also welcome, and can try a few optional trails. This ride is not suitable for a Road Bike. There are lots of local woods for your next CX/MTB adventure, come out and see for yourself.

GPX File Download

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New 2020 / 36 Mile CX Salem to the Fells Fun Ride Adventure


35 Mile CX Fun Ride Adventure Loop Ride From Salem to the Fells


New for 2020, I have ridden this route a few times now and it is a great ride.

Hit some great parks along the way. Spring Pond, Lynn Woods, Breakheart Reservation, 4 miles in the Fells, 7 miles of the Commuter Bike path, and 4 miles on the Marblehead Rail Trail. An Advance-Intermediate rider will find this to be a fun ride.


Cyclo-Cross 201 / North Shore Challenge

Learning how to RIDE YOUR BIKE again...

Cyclo-Cross or Mountain Bike Ride: This ride is like none you have been on before.  Road Riding / Rail Trails / and Real Singletrack riding over multiple hours. The realization of riding a Fully Rigid CX Bike with very skinny tires on Real Singletracks is where you get schooled. Recently renamed this ride to CX-201.  CX 101 was a misleading statement. 

This is an ADVANCED LEVEL CX Ride.

The Full Ride is 46 miles. This ride is also designed for (2) shorter rides of about 25 miles each.  The First 1/2 of this ride is a great introduction to CX Group riding. Been holding the First Half of this ride a few times this season. Will be holding this ride (or 1/2 of this ride) at least 1 time each month.

Cyclo-Cross 101. North Shore Challenge. This 45 mile (total) ride consists of 19 miles of REAL Single Tracks, 12 miles of Rail Trail, and 12 miles on quiet back roads. This is not a ride for a novice. 

Places on this ride (in order): Danvers Rail Trail , Choate Farm, Perkens Row (Road), Bradley Palmer, Willowdale, Pinegree Estates, Perkins Woods, Backroads of Boxford, Boxford Forest, Harold Parker Forest, North Peabody Rail Trail, return on the Danvers Rail Trail.

Get this GPX Route

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All Day Adventures Best CX RIDE

Boston / Cambridge / Medford / Saugus / Lynn / Salem

This is ADA's #1 CX Ride. 39 Total Miles. This is a mix of touring Boston's Charles River bike paths and some great trails at the Mystic Lakes, to the really rugged trail systems of the Fells / Lynn Woods / Spring Pond that will test you and your bike.      

This is an Advanced Level CX Ride. This ride is not for beginners. Everyone that has done this ride in the past loves it. Average ride time last year was 3 hours 45 minutes.  (not including stops) Look for this as a Group Ride Once MONTHLY during the ride season.  This ride is a bit easier than the CX/201 Adventure.

This is a Group Pace Ride and it is not a Race. Casual pace at times, stop to see the sites at times. Lunch Break at Spot Pond 1/2 way through the ride.

See the Video's of this Ride Below

We use the MBTA to get to Boston and Start the ride. It is a One-Way trip back to Salem.

If you are interested in this ride or any other rides contact me on the Facebook Page 

Get the GPX File for this ride at the Link Below

These are All-Day-Adventures Best CX Rides


39 Mile CX Advanced Danvers Rail+

Carefully selected MTB Trails for a CX Bike.

A Cyclo-Cross Ride that is a really a Mountain Bike Ride. I was careful to pick trails that are very rugged, but will not break your wrist with a fully rigid frame. It will be close though...Very tough sections on this ride, but lots of fun.

There is a North Shore Group that holds a similar version of this ride every year with 50+  CX Riders, so this is good training for that event.


Cyclo-Cross Hill Climb Training Greater Salem Area.

CX Hill Climb Training / Lower North Shore.

This ride is designed for any time of year when you know you will need to step up your game.  Just before the Fall mountain bike season is a good time to ride this route.

This route is designed to get you ready for any ride you have coming up. This ride is 25+ miles and over 2400 feet of total climbing.  

 18+ Hill Climbs, with rest intervals between climbs.

 (6) 15% Grade Climbs

(4) 18% Grade Climbs

(1) 20% Grade Climb

72 Mile Cyclo-Cross Adventure Boston to Salem


Challenging the Limits of your Cyclo-Cross Riding Capacity


  This is All Day Adventures Longest CX Adventure Ride. 

I do not know of any other rides here in Eastern Mass that even come close to this one.

While it is a long distance ride, I was careful to keep you on the easier trails. 

Does not mean the ride is easy. This is a great test/challenge for you and your bike.

This ride is on much easier trails than the CX201 ride, mostly because of the distance traveled. This ride is not designed to break you. I did not want to stretch this ride into the 10 hour mark.
If you are in Good Shape, this is an amazing and very fun ride on trails you never knew existed.

 This is Advanced Level CX riding with more than 6+ hours in the saddle. Please read the ride description carefully before riding this route. This ride is part of the Tarzan Adventure Series Rides.

A few select rides that really dive deep into your fitness levels and biking abilities.
I will hold this as a lead ride ONCE each year.


Old North Bridge, Concord


Prospect Hill Park, Waltham

Fully Flat Fifty / CX Adventure


ADA's Flattest Fifty Miles for a Great Intermediate CX Adventure

Expanding the CX/Gravel Rides in the Greater Boston area. 

This 50 Mile CX route is designed for the Intermediate Cyclo-Cross / Gravel Rider. 

This is a relax and spin the wheels all day ride.  

Max Elevation on this route is 40 feet. Slow incline to Waltham starting from 5 feet over the first 13 miles, and a slow descent back to Boston and sea-level. The return segment is also all at sea level.


Intermediate Rider Skills: This full 50 mile route is too many miles for a beginner, even though there are no technical skills required for this ride.  Boston Traffic and street crossing do ad a level of challenge. There is (1) street crossing about every (1) mile on this route at Bridges and Intersections. This route is very easily broken up into (2) 25 mile rides.


As many of the CX riders showing up to my rides have experienced, my CX rides are Tough.  This is a much easier CX tour ride of the Charles River Basin between Boston and Waltham.  This first 25 miles is the very popular Charles River Fun Ride, and the second 25 miles is the Northern Strand of the East Coast Greenway.  2 Routes that are well traveled and well marked.

This ride is one of the most scenic rides offered by All Day Adventures. The Charles River portion of this ride offers 95% river views the entire journey. Amazing that you are on tree lined paths for 25 miles. This ride is also on both sides of the river for 75% ride, so there is very little overlap.  The return to the North Shore Segment is also very scenic especially the Rumney Marshes of Revere.  There are a few rough areas in Everett and Downtown Lynn, but midday on weekends they are much more pleasant.


Boston Charles River Paths


Lynn Shore Drive

55 Mile CX / Boston Bike Paths and Ride to the North Shore


Newest Route for CX Riding in Boston.

Friday July 5th 2019 will be the debut of this ride. Maybe it will become a July 5th Holiday tradition?


This  ride explores the Bike Paths of Boston including:

 Boston Harbor-Walk  / Neponset River Bike Path / Forest Hills / Muddy River Dirt Paths /  Charles River Bike Path / ECG-Everett Bike Path / ECG-Saugus Dirt Path /  Lynn / Swampscott Shorelines.

This ride uses the Commuter Rail to Start or End this ride. If you ride on a Weekday, there are Bike Block-out Hours in the morning for coming into Boston. Check the MBTA Website for your train. 

The Boston Portion: Start to Finish is a 35 mile loop. (Bring a Lunch)  There will be a lot of stops to see the sites. This is a fun ride. Bring a camera. The Boston Portion to be about 3-1/2 to 4 hours with stops.

East Coast Greenway Portion:  The  ECG is an increasingly popular route between Boston and the North  Shore. The 15 mile segment from Charlestown to the Lynn Shoreline is  well traveled, and safe. Once we get to the Lynn Shoreline, there are a  few options for the final 4 mile return to Salem. Expect 2 hours for the  return ride.

Bike: CX Bike is Best, Hybrid / Gravel bikes too. Mountain bikes discouraged  because of the miles. Road Bike discouraged because of the dirt trails,  but should be OK.

Food: Bring Food, a sandwich and lots of water, 70oz. I am sure there are places to stop.  

Gravel Bike Selection Guide

According to GCN: Mountain Biking (on MTB's) is Boring

Gravel Bikes + Cross Bikes is where the Action is....

Last 5 years riding my Fully Rigid and Cyclo-Cross bikes is more fun than I should be allowed to have.

Segment 1: 39 mile CX Boston to Salem "First 15 Miles"


The 39 Mile CX Boston to Salem Ride. 

Charles River, Alewife Corridor,  + Mystic Lakes 

The first 15 miles of selected cuts shown in 15 Minutes

 Video Remastered 8/2019 (You Tube has horrible compression) 

Segment 2: 39 mile CX Boston to Salem "The Fells"

Fells has a lot of Trail Restrictions for cyclist,.

This route stays on all the permissible paths. This ride was done on Fully Rigid Cyclo-Cross bikes with 38c tires. These bikes are very fast on the loose and chunky fells trails.

The Fells Segment is a 6 Mile Trek.

Video Remastered 8/2019 (You Tube has horrible compression)

Segment 3: 39 mile CX Boston to Salem "Fells to Lynn"

Segment 3:  CX 39 Mile  Ride. A demonstration of Fully Rigid Bike Riding in very rugged parks. Also a lot of fun. The Lynn Woods segment is at Mile 29.  Any screaming is real, 20mph over baby-heads on a fully rigid bike brings that out in me....

Segment 4: 39 Mile CX Boston - Salem "Spring Pond"

Segment 4:  CX 39 Mile  Ride. Final Segment of the great adventure ride, and some nicer trails at the end of the ride.  Also a lot of fun. The Spring Pond Segment starts near mile 33 of the CX/MTB ride.

VIDEO: 25 Mile CX Ride Salem to Boston / East Coast Greenway

 This ride is FLAT / 40% Dirt Trails / 45% Bike Paths / 5% Road Riding. If you try a road bike on the dirt trails, it will be a painful ride. Unless you are with a large group, you should be able to travel end - end in about 2 hours.  <Salem-Boston MAP-Link>

This route is part of the <East Coast Greenway>  The ECG runs from Maine to Florida.  Most of the segments in Massachusetts are complete. Many of the CX + Mountain Bike rides on the North Shore often are on parts of the ECG. 

 Video Remastered 8/2019 (You Tube has horrible compression)