The BIONIC BIKE Project / E-BIKE Conversion


60 Pounds of Trouble that Travels at 30 MPH

Convert your Lead-Sled into a Bionic Machine

Disclaimer:   Before anyone gets upset, this bike will NOT be used in the woods. This is considered a MOTORIZED VEHICLE and has the same trail restrictions.

The BIONIC BIKE Project: Building the Bike

Converted my Minnesota 3.0 Fat Bike to an Electric Bike. Front Wheel Drive. 

1000 Watt Wheel / 48V 14AH Battery Pack + Rear-Rack Kit.  It is an AW Wheel Kit on Amazon. Very short money for a whole lota fun...  (Under $700.00)

Math: 48V 14AH = 670 watts -150 watts loss (for the sinewave converter) = 530 Watts @ Wheel

<<<<Vid:    Here is how it was done. 

BIONIC's pure and simple. Get on start pedaling and the motor kicks in for a huge boost of power.  

Bionic Bike Video/ Marblehead Neck Loop

5 mile Loop ride around Marblehead Neck


A 10 Minute Dixie Dregs Music Video

Is the E-Bike the Wave of the Future...???


Is it Fun?

Yes, Its way-fun. If you had an unlimted battery, you would never get off of it. In an urban city environment this is the best way to get around town and run your errands. Heavy traffic in my town prohibits quick trips to the store.  That is how I justified this project. 

I built this for scooting around town with the ability to jump up a curb if i need escape to Safety. Fat-Tire bike for Safety. 35MPH Limit for Safety. 180 mm Front breaks for Safety.  

This thing is Fast and I do not Feel Safe…!

Shown: Stealth B-52 E-Bike / 50 Mile Range / 5KW / $12,000 List.


Building your Bike

If you can not change a Tire, Install a Bottom Bracket, Install Break-Cables, nor have the tools to do this work, this kit is NOT for YOU. 

I had to install a 135 mm Fork, solder wires, modify brakets, and perform Basic Bicycle Re-engineering to get this together.  You will also need these skills.  This is not a plug and play Kit.  It took me 10+ hours of assembly work to get this on the road.


Here is the Kit

For under $700.00 this is a whole lot of fun you can have this summer.

AW Motor / Battery Kit:

26" 83mm Rim. 135mm Axle Spacing. 6-Bolt Disk Ready

1000 Watt Motor / Controller, 650 Watt Battery 48V 13 Amp Hours

Micro-Switch Break Levers, Rotational Throttle Control, Pedal Assistant Sensor, Fat-Bike compatible Back-Rack, oversize Rack-Bag.

Get your Tax Return yet?

Cyclone 20KW Ebike Video

This is one scary ride. The speed of these things is incredible.