EPIC Mountain Biking Stories and Rides

2470 Miles Continental Divide Epic MTB Adventure

330 Miles Foothills and Deserts of Denver MTB Adventure

520 Miles on The Colorado Trail an MTB Adventure


520 Miles on The Colorado Trail an MTB Adventure

330 Miles Foothills and Deserts of Denver MTB Adventure

520 Miles on The Colorado Trail an MTB Adventure


330 Miles Foothills and Deserts of Denver MTB Adventure

330 Miles Foothills and Deserts of Denver MTB Adventure

330 Miles Foothills and Deserts of Denver MTB Adventure


The Leadville 100 Race at Altitude

The Leadville 100 Race at Altitude

330 Miles Foothills and Deserts of Denver MTB Adventure


200K Iceland Epic MTB / CX Adventure

The Leadville 100 Race at Altitude

200K Iceland Epic MTB / CX Adventure


FATBIKE the SOUTHWEST Epic Adventure

The Leadville 100 Race at Altitude

200K Iceland Epic MTB / CX Adventure


The 520 Mile Colorado Trail Epic Mountain Bike Adventure


The Challenge is Yours to Take

520 miles of trail between Denver and Durango waiting for YOU.


200 Miles of This...


and 200 Miles of This

Bikepacking the Colorado Trail

30 Minute Video, keeping it real. This is not a ride for a novice.

Continental Divide MTB Adventure


Read the whole story at the link below

2002 Bike Adventure Story by Mike Morse of Southern NH:   

 "I went for only one bike ride this summer, but what a bike ride it was!" 

The Great Divide Mountain Bike Route is the longest mapped, off-pavement cycling route in the world. The 2,470 mile route extends from the Montana-British Columbia border in Port of Rooseville to the far southwest corner of New Mexico in Antelope Wells-a tiny, dusty border crossing into Old Mexico. Generally staying within 50 miles of the Continental Divide, the GDMBR traverses some of our country's wildest and most rugged terrain, as well as some of the most scenic.

Great Divide MTB Adventure Short Video

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Video: FATBIKE the Southwest

Well done video for an Epic Adventure most of us can only dream about.  This is one of the occasions where I agree a Fat Bike was the best choice of transportation.

Video: Leadville 100, what it takes to survive this ride

A Few places I have been, I try and warn the reader about Altitude Riding.   This Video is a great example of the difficulties trying to ride above 10,000 feet.

A Colorado Adventure story: 35 Days in Denver on a 26" MTB


100 mile View of Rockies ~10 Miles West of Denver as viewed from Green Mt. summit.

In 2015, I was able to do some extensive exploring in the Metro Denver area.  Metro means a 15-20 mile radius from downtown Denver.  In this area are hundreds of miles of bike paths and trails.  Taken at 6500 feet, this photo shows the Deer Creek Canyon Foothills behind Lakewood Village.  (3rd Story) Behind that is Waterton Canyon, the headwaters of the Platt River. (Main River through Denver) It is also the Trail-Head for the 567 Mile Colorado Trail Adventure. (Yes MTB's do it in 10-20 days).  On one exploring day  I did the first 20 miles of the Colorado Trail which starts in Waterton Canyon.

Out in Denver for work, I spent a total of 35 days on 5 different trips over the entire summer. Working second shift, I had 5 – 6 hours of free time every morning, which I used to maximum advantage. Using www.RidewithGPS.com, I was able to map out my rides ahead of time, pick all the sites I wanted to see, and load them into my Garmin 810 GPS unit.  Not knowing where I was going, and never been to any of these places, I was able to see everything that I planned to see. 

In all I rode over 330 miles of desert trails in Metro Denver, mountains with elevations up to 9000 feet, and never ending bike paths that cross the entire area. An entire culture built for human powered adventures.

Acclimatization:  If you have never done adventures at Elevation before, you are in for a big surprise.  You are weak, and humble by altitude.  If you do plan on some heart pounding adventures at Elevation, you really need to plan ahead. It will take a good 4 - 7 days before you are ready go go above 9000 feet. I would not go above 7000 for mountain biking until at least 2 days at 5000 feet.  

Try the Green Mountain Challenge here on this web page. The challenge, just try to reach the summit riding on a non-technical fire road with the steady incline. 4800 feet to 6200 feet. My first try, I stopped over 20 times just to breath. Once about every 200 feet. Do not confuse this with a Hike in the White Mountains. Going up to 5000 Footers and back down to 1000 feet is not close to the same as this.  Your time at 5000 feet in New Hampshire is measured in hours, not days.

About Denver:  Denver is on the East Side of the Rocky Mountains.  It is located in the High Desert at 5000 feet elevation. Most of the Metro Denver area is Flat Desert. East of Denver is all flat desert. Desert meaning lots of Sand, flat lands, hot sun, no trees, no water, and tumbleweeds everywhere. Denver has an extensive network of Bike Paths mostly following dry creeks, or flowing rivers. Some head straight out into the Desert, some into the foothills of the Rockies, and some just around the metro towns of Denver. 

Foothills: is defined as Mountains by New Hampshire standards. Foothills range from 1000 foot elevation gain to 5000 foot elevation gain.  (or 9000 foot elevations) Generally the Rocky Mountains are maid up of 10,000 to 15,000 footers.  

On weekends, most of the entire Denver Metro area empties out and heads to the mountains. People living in Denver mostly seek the 12,000 footer hikes on the weekends. So much so, it is like one of us try to hike Mt. Lafayette on a weekend. You can not get near it, too many people. So to say, if you plan any adventures in Denver, make sure they are on Weekdays, or you may never get access to that hike, or ride you want. Very serious about this remark.


Denver has a City Life too...


Fire Road Climb Green Mountain (6200 feet) Looking at Dinosaur Ridge


Green Mountain Loop Challenge / Riding at 6800+ Feet

Open Range / Mountain Top Riding

Riding on Green Mountain is a very different type of riding.  Most of the Rocky Mountains are just that… Rocky.  This one is not like that, it is green and lush. At the Summit of Green Mountain, you can look 100 miles North or 100 miles to the South and all you see is the Rocky Mountains in one straight line.  The Green Mountain you are standing on is the only one that is GREEN. No trees, but lots of low brush, green grass, and shrubs. (Photo 18/27) 

The Green Mountain Challenge: This is a great way to gauge if you are ready for 9000+ foot elevation adventures in the Rocky Mountains. You will be surprised that you are NOT ready after this challenge.  Starting at the Rooney Road Trail Head, there is a parking lot where you start your ride. I recommend going straight up to the summit on the main fire-road.  It is a very hard 2000+ foot climb. If you are not used to the elevation, it can take you a long time to reach the summit.  After 6400 feet (Higher than Mt. Washington, NH) I had to stop every 100 yards to breath... took an hour till I got used to it.  My second time up this 4 days later, was a little easier.

While near the summit, you can hear Birds everywhere but there are no trees?? Very weird feeling.  Once I got to the top… WOW, it was worth it.  I  could see Downtown Denver, the hotel where I stayed and deep into the snow covered Rockies. (Photo 14/27)  I made a great 10 mile loop that stays up high, hits the down hills a few times, and comes back up.  3 Ups and 3 downs total. 

Anyway the riding was fantastic.  As East Coast riders, we often find comfort in the tree’s, but up here you can see for a hundred miles in any direction. Which means anyone (or any animal) can see you at a distance too.

 Just across the way from where you park is Dinosaur Ridge. While the ridge itself not really a ridable trail (I tried it) there are real Dinosaur Fossils to view.  Expert level rider could ride it. Worth taking the time to visit.  This ride, along with the other Denver rides are so different from our normal East-Coast rides, you will remember this trip for a long time.

Most of the trails in Denver are well defined, and safe. There are Wild Animals Everywhere. I did see a family of Black Bear,  Long Horn Sheep, Magpie Birds, Rattle Snakes, Prairie Dogs, Road Runners, Red-Tail Hawks that don't fly when you are within 5 feet... Too many to list. Step into real wildness 10 feet onto any trail, you instantly feel it. PS: You are on your own, very exciting...!


Highland Park Desert Ride (30 Miles)

My favorite Loop in Denver

From my Hotel in Littleton, I found many trails and bike paths to hit, without getting in the car. Very close to the Chatfield Lake State Park, a series of Bike paths run from there into the foothills, to the city, and into the Desert.  Of all these I tried, my favorite ride from the hotel was the East West Regional Trail.  

This trail goes deep into the rural territories at the Highlands Point Butte. The rolling hills and red-dirt trails are smooth and flowing. Once all farm and cattle land there are now large ranch properties and condo developments bordering the area.  As part of these condo’s... they also own a lot of the land you are riding on. So there are some trail restrictions for non residents.

The Marcy Gulch Trail is a good route to get you out to the fun spots. The first 7 miles is a gentle climb of 1500 feet. A well kept bike path along a dry gulch that brings you to the West Big Dry Trail.  (Satellite view map above)  This is where you find the fun stuff, rolling hills, smooth dirt trails, hard banking turns, fast, twisty, and FUN. Just do not get caught being on the wrong trails. (The Fun Trails are the Private ones) 

By Mile 16, you are off to the Chatfield Lake on the East West Regional Trail.  This route will take you through some ranch lands where folks have very large properties.  Near Mile 22, you are on the Chatfield Lake Dam, for an unobstructed view of the Rocky Mountains before you head back.

I did this ride 4 times while out there. One time was right after a lite rain. All I can say is the fun dry trails turned into Slick-Ice Trails that pack many pounds of red-mud onto me and my bike.  (Photo 10/17) After one such ride, my bike was so heavy I could not lift it (over 100 lbs of Mud) and it was packed into the chain, gears, sprockets..every place it could go, and impossible to clean-off without a lot of Water.


Deer Creek Canyon / Colorado at it's Best

Ever been on a MESA before?

Deer Creek Canyon is a really great ride. Everything Colorado in one Canyon area. Ventured out on this 20 mile trek 4 times. This is a very popular park with the locals.  On weekdays, most of the other parks would be empty, but Deer Creek Canyon  always had an active group.  In fact, most of Metro Denver heads into the mountains on the weekends. This is not a good thing as I have heard trying to hike a 14,000 footer, or MTB at your favorite park is almost impossible.  Too many athletes, not enough mountains. The reasons are obvious. The entire area is Breathtaking. 

The Deer Creek ride is a 20 mile route that takes you to the top of Plymouth Mountain and the Red Mesa Loop, Elevation 7400 Feet.  Then at Mile 14, you are headed across the road you came up on, and over to the South Valley Park for some wide-open riding among the Foothills.  Mile 17 you take the Lyons Brook Trail which starts you on a wild downhill ride on a one-way trail that gets you back to your car for a 20 mile total ride.   

However, if 20 miles is not enough, right across the street is an extra 5 bonus miles if you get on the Two Brands Trail.  This is a quick loop along the ridge-line of Hildebrand Ranch Park.  This is where I seen my first rattle snake of my trip about 3 feet from my shoulder as I whizzed by.  Did not know till the person I was riding with told me. YIKES…!

Bike the Borderlands of New England



What will your biking vacation look like this year? Take the Border Lands Challenge!

 Kingdom Trails Vermont, New England's Best Mountain Bike Park.

Immerse  yourself in the epicenter of East Coast riding and MTB culture. Kingdom  Trails throws down 100 miles and growing of world-class singletrack.  With its smooth downhills, fun berms and bridges, and epic scenery, plus  lift-served downhill at nearby Burke Mountain Resort, Kingdom Trails  deserves its reputation as one of the country’s top mountain biking  destinations.

 – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – –  




Craftsbury, Vermont


Take  old-school technical terrain, then add sculpted berms and two pump  tracks, and you’ll get something for every level of rider in the fields  and forests at the Craftsbury Outdoor Center. When you’re done riding,  explore the historic villages of Craftsbury and Craftsbury Common to  experience the feel of classic Vermont.

 – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – –  




Mahoosuc Pathways, Maine


Ride  brand-new and established trails in and around “Maine’s most beautiful  mountain village.” Trail design appeals to a wide range of skills and  ability for mountain bikers who are looking to branch out. With  extensive hiking, paddling, and climbing nearby, plus loads of in-town  amenities, the resort town of Bethel, ME is an ideal destination for  multi-sport weekends. 

 – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – 



Northern New England and Canada


COOS Trails, NH


Get  connected to nature with plenty of fun and fast rolling terrain, much  of it in beautiful Moose Brook State Park. Coos is a great destination  for beginners and advanced riders alike, and nearby Gorham has a  welcoming and laid-back community vibe. Check out weekly group rides  that are open to everyone. 

 – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – 




Profile Trails, NH


Explore  what makes Northeast mountain biking special in one network, radiating  out from the village of Franconia, NH. Ride challenging mountain slopes  with stunning vistas of the White Mountains, or enjoy scenic valley  terrain closer to town. Afterward, take a dip in the Gale River or at  Echo Lake in nearby Franconia Notch or relax with a drink on Franconia’s  quaint Main Street.

 – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – 




Circuits Frontieres, Quebec


Discover  wild, uncrowded, destination mountain biking that feels like a world  away, but is an easy drive from Montreal and points south. Get the  ultimate backcountry feel, in a little-explored region of Québec with  flowy riding through 14,000 acres of conserved land, long descents from  peaks affording 360° views of the Borderlands, and a rootsy campground  on site.

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