The Fun-Rides Page

Bike Rides for your Camera

With all the fine and expansive cycling groups in the Greater Boston Area, there are bike rides all over for just about any area you live in.  However, none of these groups offer “FUN-RIDES”.  Fun Rides are for days when you want to kick-back and just roll around on your bike.  As the headline says:  “Bike Rides for your Camera”  

These rides are in very Scenic or Historic locations and the GPS Route points them all out for you. Just reading about them is fun… interactive photos and descriptions.  Also look for the Hiking Page.  Local hikes at all the best parks. These "Fun Adventures"  are designed for moderate level athletes.  

These rides cover longer distances that a beginner may not be able to complete.  While these are easy level skill rides, they are also multi-hour events.  Must plan for 3 – 5 hours on these rides, food, friends, and your Camera, bring them all.

#1 Fun Ride: Charles River Bike Path Adventure

24 Mile Waltham - Boston - Waltham River Path Fun Ride


The Charles River Fun Ride is an all-time Favorite for many riders that have ridden this route. As an advanced-beginner ride, most bike riders will love the route.   As long as you can bike a Nearly Flat 20 – 30 miles.



Concord/Lexington Minuteman Battle Road Bike Ride

The Concord Minuteman Battle Road Trail Fun Ride is a great way to spend the afternoon learning about American History. This 20 mile ride is an easy effort for most folks, but I do consider this ride an Advance Beginner ride because of the distance. Half of this ride is on compressed dirt bike paths. Perfect for small groups or a cycling couple.

Also look for:  <Explore Concord Woods MTB>


Nahant Marblehead Beach Safari

Best-Ride for a Beach Day:

The Nahant-Marblehead Multi Island Tour is a great coastline ride for a hot summer day. Perfect for the Cycling Couple or a small cycling group. 

This ride is best for a road-bike, hybrid , or Cross-cycle bike. Ride is about ~40 miles and is 95% paved roads. This ride is for medium-intermediate level riders because of the distance, and a few scattered hills. This ride is mostly flat. Perfect ride for a cycling couple on a hot summer day.


Boston's Best All-Day-Adventure

Emerald Necklace Boston Cycling Adventure: Known as the Emerald Necklace. As seen on a color map, Boston is surrounded by a Halo of Green Parks. This is a 35 mile road ride tour of the Boston Harbor Walk, Neponset Bike Paths, Arnold Arboretum, The Jamaica Way, and Boston’s Charles River parks.

Expect to be on this Adventure-All-Day for 5+ Hours with all the site-seeing. For the Advanced Beginner, small group, or couples..