Lynn Woods Advance Level Mountain Biking

Lynn Woods Advance Level Mountain Biking

Lynn Woods Advance Level Mountain Biking


Mostly an Advance Level Mountain Bike park, the Lynn Woods is sure to challenge your riding skills like no other parks can. Every Park in New England is compared to the Lynn Woods for Technical Riding ability.

Lynn Woods Expert Level Mountain Biking

Lynn Woods Advance Level Mountain Biking

Lynn Woods Advance Level Mountain Biking


As an Expert Level mountain bike park, any skills you learn to ride here can be applied anywhere. The Lynn Woods has the most Technical Trails in the region and possibly the whole country.

Lynn Woods Technical + Rugged Hiking

Lynn Woods Advance Level Mountain Biking

Lynn Woods Technical + Rugged Hiking


Yes, Technical Hiking!

Lynn Woods has technical hiking. If you do not constantly pay attention to your footing, you will find out why.  Rugged Hiking Boots with ankle support is highly recommended here

Lynn Woods Biking Videos

Lynn Woods All Seasons Park

Lynn Woods Technical + Rugged Hiking


 There are 5+ Videos that have focus on the Lynn Woods. They are all here, a few are on different pages, find them all... 

Lynn Woods Trails Videos

Lynn Woods All Seasons Park

Lynn Woods All Seasons Park


A series of short movies showcasing the trails and geological features  of the Lynn Woods.

Lynn Woods All Seasons Park

Lynn Woods All Seasons Park

Lynn Woods All Seasons Park


Lynn Woods is an all season park. Running, boldering, mountain biking (seasonal restrictions), hiking, mushrooming, photography, and walking. In the colder months snow shoeing and cross-country skiing is off the scale at Lynn Woods

Video: Lynn Woods Reservation

The First Words about Lynn Woods from Ranger Dan Small.

WBZ recently made this promotional and historical video of the 2300 acre (+1000 acre park abutments )

 Lynn Woods Reservation. 

Lynn Woods Mountain Biking / Advance 11 Mile Loop


Lynn Woods Advanced Level MTB Ride (11 Miles)

This Reoccurring Ride is a good technical-level training ride. If you can ride Lynn Woods, you can ride anywhere.   

This ride will be held on Weekend Mornings periodically through the ride season. 

This is an Advanced-Level Mountain Bike Ride on rugged trails. 

Please read the warnings on the ride page link.     

NEW 7/2019: See the Video for this ride below, it is not as scary as you think....

11 Mile Lynn Woods Ride Video Advance Level (ADA ride)

11 Mile All Day Adventures Mountain Bike Loop around the 3300 acre Lynn Woods Reservation.  Advanced Level Ride.

Ride time is about 2-1/2 hours. 

Check the Blog for Lynn Woods Rides.

 Video Remastered 8/2019 (You Tube has horrible compression) 

Lynn Woods Bow Ridge Expert MTB Ride / Technical Hiking


Lynn Woods / The Best Park on the North Shore

Great 3-4 Hour Expert level Mountain Bike Ride over very rugged terrain. You and your bike will be challenged like never before.  Make sure you ride with someone, and make sure you have a GPS Route like the one at the link below, or you will be hopelessly lost.  Even worse, you will never find all the fun stuff to ride.

Great 4-5 hour Hike over very rugged terrain. Amazing views and 1000's of unique geological rock formations. Around every corner is just WOW for what you will see.  Even if you bring your best Camera, you will not capture what you see with your eyes.

The same trails either on a Mountain Bike, or a Technical Hike, will just knock your socks off. This is a park you can visit for over 20 years and still find something new every time. You will never get tired of this park, and a routine ride is something that never happens here.  

People come to this park to Bleed, and Bikes come to this park to DIE!

NOTE: The Jeff Lenosky Videos below are mapped out in the link provided.

Hiking / Trail Running / Mountain Biking / Snow Shoeing / Bouldering / Strolling.  Lynn Woods has it all.

Bow Ridge Mountain Bike / Hike: Lynn Woods Series Video

This is a Video of the hike that is described directly above.  

Bow Ridge / Lynn Woods is the best expert level mountain biking or technical hiking adventure you can have in Metro Boston. This is a video of the 4 Mile Route that can take up to 5 hours of hiking, or 3+ hours of mountain biking.

Go to the link above to download the GPX map. It is necessary to have GPS to follow this route, unless you are with a local that knows these trails. 

Lynn Woods Series Video / MTB Expert level Overlook Trail

A new perspective on the very rugged Overlook Trail.

 See the Fun that you have been Missing...

This Video shows the First Mile of the Overlook Trail

A 2 mile long,  Expert Level Mountain Bike Trail. 

Part of the incredible 30+ Mile trail system at Lynn Woods

Snow Shoeing Adventure: Search for Forest Castle


3 Mile / 4 Hour Snow Shoe Adventure that will satisfy all your snow + pine tree needs.

Video: Search for Forest Castle

Snow Shoe Adventure Hike at the Lynn Woods Reservation.

Wednesday Night Runners at Lynn Woods


Running In The Lynn Woods......

 In 1970, a group of runners set off on a three mile trail race in Lynn Woods. On every summer Wednesday for the next forty-six years (and counting), runners of all ages and talents have come to The Woods to race with friends, meet new ones and enjoy the camaraderie and athleticism that is running.This is the story of how the Lynn Woods Summer Cross-Country Series has grown from a field of 31 in that first race to hundreds of participants who stare down the rocks, roots, and paths that criss-cross the 2200-acres that is the Lynn Woods Reservation.With a golf course, a long-lost pirate’s treasure lair, and thirty miles of roads and trails, Lynn Woods invites you to hike, mountain bike, take your dog for a walk, or test the limits of your endurance by         Running In The Woods...... 


Regular Races


Check out the Schedule


Bouldering @ Lynn Woods

Anytime we are out for a bike or a hike at Lynn Woods, you will always see the folks Bouldering.  In the last 5 years, it has become the newest sport @ Lynn Woods.  Hundreds of such boulder climbs are available.


Friends of Lynn Woods


From the FOLW Web-Page:

Our Purpose 

The Friends of Lynn Woods have formed to ensure the perpetual  existence of the Lynn Woods Reservation as outlined by the Indentured  Trust of December of 1881.

Our aim is to protect the Woods from development and exploitation,  and maintain the Woods as a natural and unspoiled forest preserve. We  will organize and enlist volunteers to undertake projects within the  Woods that will enhance but not alter the natural and primeval qualities  of the forest.

We will strive to make Lynn Woods a prominent focal point of the  City of Lynn. We will educate adults and children alike to the  environmental and historical values of Lynn Woods.

The Friends of Lynn Woods will be the means for people to become reacquainted with the Lynn Woods Reservation. 

Lynn Woods Reservation is the second largest municipal park in  the greater Boston area. This 2,200 acre forest reserve consists of  ponds, wetlands, streams, deciduous/evergreen forest and rocky ledge.  The ponds provide the drinking water for the residents of Lynn and  surrounding communities. Wildlife abounds in the forest. Well over 100  species of birds inhabit or Lynn Woods Logoseasonally  frequent the woods. A large rodent population supports such predators  as hawks, owls and red tail fox. More than an aquifer, more than a  wildlife preserve, more than a wilderness experience, Lynn Woods is a  rare and unique adventure.

Lynn Woods awaits your exploration and enjoyment. You will come to  love and appreciate the woods as did the early settlers and citizens who  wisely preserved it for all generations.  For more information on events in Lynn Woods, call the Rangers' program  information line at 781-477-7094

Contact the Rangers at 781-477-7123.

Lynn Woods Expert Level MTB

I had to add this one too, it is a lot of fun to watch, and the riding is fantastic.  Also taken in Lynn Woods, this is a great group ride with lots of great video shots.  The Intro-Drive up Rt 1 is kinda-funny...

This 23 minute video is worth watching.

See the (3) Jeff Lenoski Expert+ Level Lynn Woods Video's at the bottom of this Page

Mountain Bike Expert Level Demo Lynn Woods Technical Trails

The following Jeff Lenosky Trail Boss video has been provided as a demonstration of the Trail Systems here in Lynn Woods

Many of the trail systems featured in ADA rides have similar geology. 

Click Here: The "Wicked Hard Trail" (as seen in this video) 

is on this map starting  at Mile 3.3.    

(Use OSM Cycle View)

See PART 2 of this video on the Video's Page

Part 2 Jeff Lenosky Expert Level Trail Boss at Lynn Woods

Most of the riding at Lynn Woods is very similar. This trail happens to pack a lot of it in for the entire trail.

Part 2 of the Jeff Lenosky Trail Boss Vid on the Wicked-Hard Trail.  Vid #1 Goes up, Vid #2 comes back down.

Most of the riding at Lynn Woods is very similar. This trail happens to pack a lot of it in for the entire trail.

Kelly High @ Lynn Woods

Really great Jump-Trail. Maybe the only one like it @ Lynn. 

Very good flow, looks easy when Jeff Lenosky does it...