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Lynn Woods Advanced Level MTB Ride (11 Miles)


This Reoccurring Ride is a good technical-level training ride. If you can ride Lynn Woods, you can ride anywhere.   

This ride will be held on Weekend Mornings periodically through the ride season. This is an Advanced-Level Mountain Bike Ride on rugged trails. 

Please read the warnings on the ride page link.     

Lynn Woods Advance Level MTB

Self-Guided Advanced Level Mountain Bike Rides


Willowdale - Georgetown Forest MTB Ride

The Willow-George MTB Adventure Ride is a long advanced level mountain bike ride that connects 2 of the best parks on the North Shore. 

As a long endurance ride, you should be ready for 4+ hours of very-hard mountain biking and always ride with a partner.

Willow-George MTB Ride

Harold Parker / Boxford Forest MTB Link

The Harold Parker–Boxford Forest MTB Adventure Ride combines the very popular Harold Parker Forest and the Boxford Forest, into one great ride. 

This is an Advanced-Intermediate Level mountain bike ride of greater than 22 miles. 90% of this ride is in the woods on real single-track

Harold Parker - Boxford MTB

Ipswich to Salem MTB Adventure

The Ipswich to Salem MTB Adventure Ride is a long advanced level mountain bike ride that connects 7 of the best parks on the North Shore.

This is my Favorite Extended MTB Ride, Long endurance + Advanced Level Skills.

North Shore MTB Adventure Ride

ADA's Best Intermediate Level Mountain Bike Ride

About this MTB Ride:

The Decordova Sculpture Park and Explore Concord Intermediate Level Mountain Bike Ride, is designed for a day of adventure riding on a great trail system in Concord, Mass. This is a great ride for the cycling couple.  

As a 18 Mile Mountain Bike Adventure, this ride lets the intermediate level trail user expand or test their own endurance, for a multi-hour trail riding experience. Expect 3-5 hours for this ride. 

About the Trails: The trail systems in Concord are wide and well-groomed single tracks. Easy to ride, not too many bumps. You will not encounter many other trail users. In wet conditions you may want to wait for a better day, because of the slippery tree roots. These trails are easy to navigate, some moderate hill climbs, but mostly just peaceful solitude for you and your other

Get the Ride Information here....

Go to the link below for the  ride description.  Get the APP from ridewithGPS and download the GPX map and you are good to go. Follow the route just like Car Navigation, and have a wonderful day on the trails.

Concord Woods MTB Map Link

Much Harder MTB Rides


Boston to Salem Tarzan Adventure

Boston to Salem Advanced Level Mountain Bike Ride: This is a specialty bike ride designed for mountain bikes ONLY and for riders with endurance experience. This ride is over 40 miles with a lot of restive dirt trails and paths. The average time to complete this ride can be 5-8 hours.

Rated as "Extreme" take this warning seriously. Do not ride alone, some of these trails are sparsely used.

Boston to Salem MTB Adventure

Rockport to Salem Tarzan Adventure

The Rockport to Salem Mountain Bike Tarzan Adventure Ride is one tough day of mountain biking on the North Shore. Part of the Tarzan Ride adventure series, this ride ranks with the same difficulty level of the other Tarzan Adventure Rides. 

Expect 34+ miles and 5 – 8 hours for this ride at a pace of 6 MPH, slower if it is wet.

Rockport MTB Adventure

MTB Expert Level Ride / Bow Ridge Lynn Woods

The Bow Ridge Hike and Expert Level Mountain Bike Ride hits the most beautifully-rugged terrain you will find in the Greater Boston Area.  A 6 Mile ride in only 2-3 hours.

See this Video-Link at this Ride Page for a demo of riding this part of Lynn Woods.

Lynn Woods Bow Ridge