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Hydro Packs


Hydro Packs

Food / Ride Nutrition

Hydro Packs


Food / Ride Nutrition

Food / Ride Nutrition

Food / Ride Nutrition


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EPIC Bike Packing

Food / Ride Nutrition


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EPIC Bike Packing

Heart Health Video


Heart Health Video

EPIC Bike Packing

Heart Health Video


Food + Nutrition

How Much Energy in Energy Bars?

A Great Post-Ride Helper Got Chocolate Milk?

How Much Energy in Energy Bars?


When do you need the energy is the real question.

Energy bars are packed with concentrated energy. 

The bars shown in the photo are  mostly nuts. Nuts are a form of Fat.

 Your body needs time to break down the compressed and densely packed Fats, Proteins, and Sugars from these types of treats. Chances are, that energy bar you eat half-way through your ride will help you sometime after you get home that evening.

Simple Cookies and Candy have fast acting Sugars. 

You are much better off with candy for a faster sugar injection. Much quicker then what an energy bar can deliver.

Secret Recovery for Leg Cramps

A Great Post-Ride Helper Got Chocolate Milk?

How Much Energy in Energy Bars?


Pickles are the #1 Go-To Fixer for endurance athletes.

Pickles are also the best kept secret of the power food industry.

If you are on a 4 - 8 hour ride, and your legs cramp.  Eat some Pickles.  Your legs will recover in Less than 10 minutes.

See this comprehensive


  If you eat them while at a rest stop, you will not get the cramps later. 

They travel well in a zip-lock baggie. Keep them in your hydro-pack area to keep them cold.  

Drink the Brine for fast recovery... or put on Bug Bites.

This is not a joke.

A Great Post-Ride Helper Got Chocolate Milk?

A Great Post-Ride Helper Got Chocolate Milk?

A Great Post-Ride Helper Got Chocolate Milk?


Muscle Milk has no milk in it, but it can be mixed with Milk. It is a protein derivative of Milk products.  Most Protein Powders make a great recovery drink. Do not drink before a ride or event. These power powders are a blood thickener.  You will not have energy to ride while your body try's to process this at the same time.

Regular Chocolate Milk has also been known for a long time among Olympic Athletes as a great recovery drink, and it still is.

Always Time for Cookies

Always Time for Cookies

A Great Post-Ride Helper Got Chocolate Milk?


This is great on-the-go belly food.  Simple sugars get absorbed quickly. Much better for your ride performance than slow absorbing snacks.

 This cookie taste like a brownie, and is very filling. Vegan / 16g Protein / non GMO / no Dairy / 10G Fiber / cane sugar / 12 Flavors. 

At $2.00 each (in bulk) you do not mind handing these out to your friends. These are huge, 1/2 a cookie is plenty. 

Trust me on these Nutrition Statements.  I ride over 100 times a year, and only cramp once or twice early in a season.

5 Hour Energy

Always Time for Cookies

#1 Food for Riding


This is not the same brand as 5 Hour Energy, but all these energy shots have about the same stuff in them.  

This huge dispenser pack has the same capacity as 100 energy shots. Dispensed through the front nozzle. Only cost 0.25 cents each shot vs Pre-Packed shots at $3.00 each. 

Warning: Do not use these products unless you will be out exercising.  

This is a 4000% B12 shot.  Use sparingly. Incorrect use, or too much can harm you.  I will use 1/2 a dose mixed in my hydro-bladder for 2-3 hour ride.  I never use this unless I will be out for more than 3 hours, on bad-ass trails.

#1 Food for Riding

Always Time for Cookies

#1 Food for Riding


On the very long rides of 3 - 7 hours, you drink over 100 oz of fluid.  You better get something solid in your stomach if you don't want to get sick.

The good old Ham Sandwich is your best friend for mountain biking. I eat very healthy, and would never consider Ham at any other time as food.

A Ham Sandwich is loaded with salted pork.  100% certain you will need Salted Pork. It has bread to absorb that 100oz of water.  Ham is Protein, lots of it. Cheese is Protein, lots of it. Add Pesto and Pickles. Will travel well in hot weather, without spoil.

BUTT - Butter: for that Rash you can not see.


Tri-Athletes Approved Rash Control

Aging Cyclist, All Day Hikers, Mountain Bikers, Long Distance Runners

Anyone can have persistent Butt-Rashes, Butt Blisters, Butt Itching, and weeping sores.  

Once you get it, it is very difficult to get rid of.  

Almost anything over the counter, prescribed Med's from a dermatologist, or your best home remedy will not work.

 It is also a difficult subject to talk about with your friends.  

You will not find this stuff locally, you will have to go on-line to find your favorite source.

Does not have to be your butt, you can also get a rash under your arms, on your belly, or other spots too.

 Items such as these shown above are 100% Natural and contain just a few ingredients.

 Such ingredients are Olive Oil, Lemongrass, Calendula, Beeswax,  Daisy Extract,  Sunflower Seed Oil, and  Witch Hazel. 

Will not wreck your skin, or your shorts and last all day long. Watch what you buy, most of these come in very small tubes.  Fine for your back-pack but not a good value for your money.   

Side Note:  Witch Hazel is the best things for Athletes Foot. Just a little splash rubbed in with a towel is all you need.

 It will be gone in 5 minutes  Witch hazel is the main active ingredient in Preparation H.


Watch Out for this.

This stuff wrecks your skin, and it wrecks your shorts.

The main ingredient in most skin care products is Mineral Oil, or Petroleum. 

Mineral Oil and Petroleum are both by-products of Gasoline Production.  

If your Favorite Soap is Oil of Olay , it is mostly Mineral Oil. It is a very cheap ingredient because the Gasoline industry produces lots of it. Stay away from anything with Mineral Oil in it.


Baby-Care products are not good either.

 Stuff like this is full of Alcohol and Mineral Oils.

Active Ingredient: Petrolatum (41%) - A Skin Protectant (Ointment) Treatment or Prevention of Diaper Rash. 

Yes, they may have Coconut Oil or Aloe which is good, but it is the other stuff they mix these products with that work against the cure you are trying to develop.
Inactive Ingredients: Mineral Oil, Ceresin, Lanolin Alcohol, Panthenol, Glycerin, Bisabolo 

Simple Weight Loss Video

Well narrated video of one persons thoughts on weight loss, and how to achieve it. It is very easy to generate between 200 and 300 watts per hour on a mountain bike, and that is a fast track to burning calories. 

Video: Ride Like a Girl

Another great and inspiring ride video from Ted Talks....

Ted Talks: Bicycling for Life

This is a great Motivation and Inspirational Video about the benefits of Cycling.

How Much harder is Mountain Biking vs Road Biking??


The Bottom Line

Story By: 

Read the full story at the link below.

The following text is the summery 

of the authors story. 

"Based on the factors I was able to test, I found a 51% increase in the effort needed to ride a mountain bike on a grassy, leafy trail  with obstacles, compared to a road bike on a paved surface. 

Remember,  that assumes a mountain bike course with grades and turns that are  similar to what one would ride on the road.  It also assumes riding a  mountain bike without suspension. 

For bikes with suspension, there will  be additional energy expended on the trail.

Adding in all the additional factors I mentioned above, it’s easy to  see how the percentage increase in effort could get to 100% or beyond,  which would match up with the 2-times estimate I mentioned at the  beginning. I don’t know what the upper limit might be (if there even is  one), but if I were pressed, I would say mountain biking requires  50-150% more effort than a road ride of equivalent distance. So, I would  say a 10-mile mountain bike ride is roughly the same (physically) as a  15-25 mile road ride.

Of course, another quick way to estimate is to look at average  speeds. If a rider averages 8mph on an MTB ride and 18mph on a road  ride, that means the equivalent road ride is about 125% longer than the  MTB ride, assuming the same total moving time and average heart rate for  both rides. This fits nicely within the range I estimated based on my  tests."

By Jeff Barber July 19, 2016

When is my heart going to Pop??

Every rider thinks about this important issue at some point, especially early in the training season.

Staying Hydrated for your ride


Bucket Brigade

Hydration Bladders

Basic Information is Very Helpful

Basic Information is Very Helpful

Basic Information is Very Helpful


Water, Gatorade, Ice tea, or your own special mix. You must drink to keep going. If you don't you will cramp up, dry out the lube in your knee and hip joints (accumulative damage), or worse you could shut down your kidneys.  May have lost one already and you would never know it.

A good intake rate is about 15oz - 20oz an hour under heavy exercise. 

Remember to drink when it is cold out too.

In the Mountains, or at Elevation, you must increase your water intake by about 5 - 10 oz an hour.

Bladder vs Bottles

Basic Information is Very Helpful

Basic Information is Very Helpful


You can easily tell a road cyclist from a mountain biker. Road cyclist have bike bottles all over their frame. Anyplace at all.

Really is nothing like having your bottled water roast in the sun, leaching plastic and getting covered in all the mud and dirt from the trails. Get yourself a Hydro-pack if you do not have one.

Thermally Isolated Hydration Pack

What Size Bladder? 100 oz or 70 oz

What Size Bladder? 100 oz or 70 oz


A Thermally Isolated Hydration Pack is like riding with an ice filled cooler on your back.  

Like the ad says, stays cool for 4 hours.  

Experience says it stays Cold as Ice for 4 hours or longer. Even on a 95 degree day.  

What Size Bladder? 100 oz or 70 oz

What Size Bladder? 100 oz or 70 oz

What Size Bladder? 100 oz or 70 oz


Water = Weight.

Use a 70 oz Bladder if your ride is 3 hours or less.

Use a 100 oz Bladder if your ride is 3-6 hours. 

Plan on stopping for liquid refill if your ride is 6 hours or more.

On HOT DAYS first pack the bladder with ice cubes, then add your liquid of choice. It will be too cold to drink for 4 hours.

Hydro Packs

Colman Brand

Camel Bak Blow Fish

Camel Bak Blow Fish


Colman 100oz Hydro-Pack

($33) has limited space inside, but has bungee outside big enough to hold a jacket. Very light weight, great for a fast road ride.

Look in the camping and fishing isle of any regular department store for these low cost gems.  I have seen these Colman hydro-packs in 2 progressively larger sizes, the largest one costing $45.00.

Camel Bak Blow Fish

Camel Bak Blow Fish

Camel Bak Blow Fish


You pay for the name with this one. Medium Capacity for only ($150)... Wow!  

This is a back pack that rips easy, is often too small for anything you want to put in it, and does not fit well on the rider.  It is very hard to find a large capacity 

Camel Bak for under $250. 

Plus did I say they rip easy?

Summer Time Pack

Camel Bak Blow Fish

Adventure Ride Pack


The Benkii holds a lot. Very Light, Large Capacity, multiple sections ($45).  Holds 100 oz . Even has Side Pockets on the lower straps big enough to hold a phone or camera. Insulated pack will keep your fluid Ice Cold for 4 Hours. 

Buy (3) of these or buy (1) much smaller Camel Bak.

Adventure Ride Pack

Adventure Ride Pack

Adventure Ride Pack


Army Surplus Hydro-Pack ($55)

Extra Large capacity. 

Very rugged canvas. A separate Hydro pocket keeps everything inside the pack dry. Can adjust to any size person. 3 large storage areas, many smaller pockets. external equipment clips. You can drag this one behind your bike, and it will survive.

Will Hold: (2) Jackets, 100oz bladder, (2) Days of food , (1) extra 32oz bottle of water, (1) change of some bike cloths. Tools, (2) Tubes, Camera, and other stuff.

(Army-Navy Store /  Army discount / many different names for the same type of small local store)

Bike Packing Trip

Adventure Ride Pack

Bike Packing Trip


Army Surplus Super Hydro-Pack ($65)

This pack is HUGE.

Canvas construction, 200oz internal water storage   Many equipment hooks.

 (4) huge zippered caverns to store everything you need for bike-packing. 

Will Hold: Hammock Tent + accessories , (2) Jackets, (1)  full change of cloths, (2) days of food/water (200oz), enough tools for camping and biking. Plus all your other stuff and junk. 30-40 pounds fully loaded + easily carried. 

(it is Army issue)

Hammock Tent

Adventure Ride Pack

Bike Packing Trip


Ya, if you have limited space, and are trying to keep your travel weight down, you want a Hammock Tent.  My Hammock Tent weighs in at 4.2 pounds including tree straps, and fly-tarp.  Fits in a large back-pack. Bonus: I do not have to carry a sleeping bag or a sleeping pad.

My Lawson  Blue Ridge Tent can also lay flat on a ground surface using ground pegs. Others can not. (see other photos of this below)

CON:  I expect at some point a Bear is going to bite my Ass.

Tool Kit


This Tool-Kit will get you out of most situations.

Can not stress this enough. If you are out on an adventure, there is nothing worse than taking your entire ride plan and tossing it for a 3 hour walk out of the woods. All because a stupid thingy broke. 

Having the right tool gets you back on the trail.

This is the Tool Kit I have been using for years. This kit has never failed to get me out of a bad situation. Especially now with the Tubeless Tire Hole Repair kit. 

Please notice in my tool kit there are no Multi-Tools.  Multi-Tools break easy, do not always fit the job, and do not have enough reach or leverage.  The tiny folded chain-tool almost never works.  

Having a good Chain Tool is one of the most important items you can have. 

Seat Post Bolts are an item I give out to other riders often, almost 1 per year. Go Figure...? 

Post bolts usually break from over-tightening, will break after a month of riding.

Special Purpose Tool List: 

9/16ths Adjustable Wrench, (also Straightens Rotors)

Rotor Wrench, (sometimes the rotor must come off the wheel to get home)  

20 feet Duct Tape wrapped on a pencil,   

Spoke Tool, (Also a 1/2" Hex Wrench)

Mini Pliers, (countless uses), tie-wraps and patch glue not shown.

Lighter Explained: I have successfully repaired a sidewall slice on the trail. First by sterilizing the inside of the tire with the lighter and slight melting where the slice was. Then heating up one of the standard Brown/Black tire patches and quickly let them join together. Not sure if that will ever work again...(smiles)


Bike Pump

The most overlooked tool in your tool kit. For most people the pump hardly ever gets used. When you go to use it for the first time, you find it has no pressure and will not fill your tire. What went wrong?  The parts dried out.  Get a good quality pump. 

The Bells and Whistles on this one are: 

Up to 80 pounds real pressure, will also fill a fat tire, high / low pressure switch, pressure gauge, flexible tube for the inflation, long pump stroke for better pumping, and a foot peg. This Topeak Pump has it all for $45.00. Only fits in tall back-packs.


Rugged Tool Pouch

Holds every Tool you Need. 

It was a compact camera case in it's last life. 

It is canvas, rugged, zippered, and takes all the bumps and bruises. Tools do not poke through the sides.  

Stays quiet when riding and nothing inside rubs.  

Room for gloves and a few more tools.

Tool Kit Contents are shown in the above enlarged photo.

SUBARU Car Camping

This is a great alternative to a Motel and any Bed Bugs they may have.... Have done this myself out in MOAB in the early 2002 when it was too cold at night for a tent. Many towns in the desert have $0.50 showers if you know where to find them.

BIKE-PACKING 101: How to pack your bike for that really big adventure


567 Mile Epic Adventure Planning

This is a link to a Comprehensive Bike-Packing list put together by these folks to help your Epic Ride. If you can pack for this ride of 567 miles, you can pack for any ride.


Bike Packing Check List.

Back-Packing Video