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Local Rides from Salem Center

Rockport to Salem / Cape Ann Adventure Road Ride

Rockport to Salem / Cape Ann Adventure Road Ride

Rockport to Salem / Cape Ann Adventure Road Ride


The Cape Ann Road Ride Tour is  the most photogenic bike ride  on the North Shore. 

Rockport, Gloucester + Salem are the main destinations for many thousands of visitors per year. This ride follows along the coastline of these towns.

North Shore Backroads and Farms Road Ride

Rockport to Salem / Cape Ann Adventure Road Ride

Rockport to Salem / Cape Ann Adventure Road Ride


The Best Local Road Ride when you want a quiet day on the roads with little traffic and shade-tree lined roads.

This is a 55 mile road ride that starts and ends in Salem. Keeps you on the back roads as much as possible. Some areas you will see more horses than cars.

Nahant / Marblehead Beach Safari

Rockport to Salem / Cape Ann Adventure Road Ride

Nahant / Marblehead Beach Safari


Best local Road Ride for a Hot Summer Day.

40 mile Coastal Route Road ride,  Perfect afternoon of coastline sites, public beaches and views of many coastline mansions. Visit 7 beaches in 3 different towns,

ADA's Best Road Ride: The North Shore Farms and Backroads


North Shore Farms and Backroads (Road Ride)

Farms and Back Roads of the North Shore. This ride is an enjoyable afternoon ride when you feel like avoiding traffic and the heat of the day almost completely in the shade of tree lined roads.  A perfect Solo-ride to settle your mind.

Near 55 miles long, this is a Road Ride for the medium level road cyclist. (Updated and Extended for 2017)

Other Self-Guided Road Rides


Coastline Road Tour with Site-Seeing

The Cape Ann Road Ride Tour is probably the most photogenic bike ride you can take on the North Shore. 

This is an Intermediate Level road ride, because of distance (45+ miles) and hilly terrain. Great ride for the cycling couple, or a small tour group.


ADA's Longest North Shore Road Ride

The Newburyport to Salem Coastal Road Ride is a long hilly road ride, with lots of coastline scenic views. This ride is designed to be more riding focus than the other road rides. Other (shorter) rides I have listed have a lot of leisure time built in, taking you to better viewing locations. 

While this ride has some wonderful view points and scenic stops, this ride is 60+ miles and endless rolling hills.. Plan for a long ride day.


Plymouth to Boston Coastline Road Ride

Starting in Plymouth Mass, this ride is an Advanced-Level Road Ride with 80+ miles of coastline riding back up to Boston. A fairly flat ride, the route keeps you off the main roads and on the coastline as much as possible. Expect 6 – 10 hours for this ride.


Many of the rides use the MBTA Train System to start or end a ride. These (3) rides are good examples of that.