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Salem Cycles has been a great sponsor for many local cycling activities.

Salem cycles has been a solid sponsor of many racers in many different cycling catagories.

See below for the Witches Cup Race information and other Salem Cycles sponsored events.

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Salem Cycles Weekly CX Ride 20 Miles / 2 Hours

Saturday Morning 8:00 am Group Ride.

This is a weekly reoccurring CX ride. 

A 20 mile 2 hour Intermediate Level route.  This ride starts and ends in Downtown Salem, Salem Cycles.

This ride is 50% in the dirt with a mix of 9 miles of Roads, 5 miles of Dirt Trails and 6 miles of Gravel Rail Trails. This ride is not suitable for a Road Bike.  Also worked in a few hill climbs.  

We travel whatever the Group Pace is, and this is considered Intermediate, or Advanced Beginner Level.

Need trail rated CX tires and good climbing gears. There are lots of local woods for your next CX adventure, come out and see for yourself.

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See the .GPX Route here

Local Rides from Salem Center

Rockport to Salem / Cape Ann Adventure Road Ride


The Cape Ann Road Ride Tour is  the most photogenic bike ride  on the North Shore. 

Rockport, Gloucester + Salem are the main destinations for many thousands of visitors per year. This ride follows along the coastline of these towns.

Rockport to Salem

North Shore Backroads and Farms Road Ride


The Best Local Road Ride when you want a quiet day on the roads with little traffic and shade-tree lined roads.

This is a 55 mile road ride that starts and ends in Salem. Keeps you on the back roads as much as possible. Some areas you will see more horses than cars.

North Shore Road Ride

Nahant / Marblehead Beach Safari


Best local Road Ride for a Hot Summer Day.

40 mile Coastal Route Road ride,  Perfect afternoon of coastline sites, public beaches and views of many coastline mansions. Visit 7 beaches in 3 different towns,

Beach Safari

2017 Witches Cup Event

About the Witches Cup

For years Salem Cycles has been bringing the Witches Cup to Salem.      

In the cycling boom of the 1980's, Salem proudly hosted annual elite caliber bicycle races with national exposure. 

It's the goal of the Witches Cup organizers to revive the strong bicycle racing tradition in downtown Salem, Massachusetts. After a seven year lull, the Witches Cup under the direction of Salem-based promoters, returned in 2007.      

The 2018 Witches Cup presents local road racing for both men and women at all levels

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