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That Pain in your Chest


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Riding Hardtails


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Mountain Biking Mistakes


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MTB Hardtail vs .....


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Fully Rigid + Gravel Bikes + Cyclo-Cross


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Eastern Mass MTB Park Video's

Lynn Woods Video's


Every "Technical" park in Eastern Mass is still compared to the Trail Legend:

 Lynn Woods

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Bruce and Toms


I highlighted this video because it shows the fantastic expert riding up North.

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The ADA Adventure Rides.

Rides held by ADA.

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When is my heart going to Pop??

Every rider thinks about this important issue at some point, especially early in the training season.

Basics 101: How to Jump

Video Series on Improving your Mountain Biking Skills

Don't listen to your friends

So you got a hard-Tail and you Like the bumps on the Trail

Hardtail as an Enduro Bike???

Hardtail vs Full Suspension

Fully Rigid vs Hardtail

Upgrading your Mountain Bike to a Fully Rigid Fun Machine

This Video features the Exotic Fully Rigid Carbon Fork w/Steel Crown which is on 3 of my fully rigid bikes.  Steel Crown, because I just don't trust a Carbon Crown and Steer Tube. 

I have already learned (the hard way) not to trust carbon drop-outs on a fork.

PS: Best Looking front fork out there. It looks like it will take anything you throw at it.

Cyclo-Cross vs MTb: 200Km Iceland Adventure Ride

Gravel Bike vs Cyclo-Cross

CX BIKE - Flat Bars vs Drop Bars

Most of my CX riding is under 20mph, so my 3 CX bikes all have Flat Bars

VIDEO: Fat Tire Grip-Studs / Traction on Solid Ice

I have installed these on my Vee Missions, and they work exactly as this person's  Video explains.  See my mention of the Grip-Studs in the Fat-Tire section above.

You can expect to lose 1 or 2 studs each long ride. All brands of studded tires have this same issue.

Can Not Ride on Pavement, Period.  Same with most Studded Tires.

I also installed them on my Winter Boots for foot traction while Ice-Biking and Driveway Shoveling. 

CON: They are $0.99 each Stud, and you need 70 per tire.

VIDEO: Skinny Studded 29" vs Fat Bike 4.8 inch in Snow / Ice

Disclaimer: I have a BIAS against Fat-Bikes.. this video shows all the same issues i had while riding Fat Bikes.  I tried 4 different Fat Bike Tires and Wheelsets... Then I converted my Fattie to an E-Bike and now I love it.