Lynn Woods Expert MTB Video

The following Jeff Lenosky Trail Boss video has been provided as a demonstration of the Trail Systems here in Lynn Woods. Many of the trail systems featured in our rides have similar geology. 

Click Here: The "Wicked Hard Trail" (as seen in this video) is on this map starting  at Mile 3.3.    

(Use OSM Cycle View)

Part 2 Jeff Lenosky Trail Boss at Lynn Woods

What Goes Up, Must Come Down

Part 2 of the Jeff Lenosky Trail Boss Vid on the Wicked-Hard Trail.  Vid #1 Goes up, Vid #2 comes back down.

Most of the riding at Lynn Woods is very simular. This trail happns to pack a lot of it in for the entire trail.

Lynn Woods Advanced Level MTB

I had to add this one too, it is a lot of fun to watch, and the riding is fantastic.  Also taken in Lynn Woods, this is a great group ride with lots of great video shots.  The Intro-Drive up Rt 1 is kinda-funny...

This 23 minute video is worth watching.

Wicked Hawt Rides vs Wicked Ride of the East

The Wicked Ride of the East is the best Mountain Bike Event in the Greater Boston Area. It is held in late October at Harold Parker State Forest.

One of the longest running anual rides in New England for >15 Years. This 18 - 24 mile coarse is usually one of the hardest rides NEMBA Offers. Attendance is near 1000 riders every year, show up early....

Beverly Commons

A few of the longer All Day Adventures mountain bike rides use the Beverly Commons, (aka: Greenwood Ave) here is a great short video of the trail system at Beverly.